The UK’s Best Independent Music Venue’s

Music events are a perfect way to enjoy music with similar people, sharing the love for an act or song. Whether you are raving in a night club, or you’re sat with in an open mic night, creating some of the most unforgettable experiences. To help you reminisce, or look out for new events we have listed some of the best independent music venue’s in the UK.


Deaf Institute – Manchester


Manchester has become home to so many different artists performing live month on month. There are friendly venues placed everywhere in Manchester, but The Deaf Institute has seen a variety of events. It doesn’t only feature some popular events, it also features an aesthetically pleasing Victorian building, on all three floors, and is finished with aged wood. It was once voted the Best Venue in 2013, by Manchester Evening News, so we’re not the only ones who are in favour of The Deaf Institute.


The Leadmill – Sheffield


Similar to The Deaf Institute, The Leadmill has been going strong since 1980! It has gone from strength to strength, hosting some incredible events with a hugely atmospheric main room. Not only is there a huge main room, but the smaller room placed within are known to show off the popular venue. Bands and customers love it and its even hosted the Artic Monkey’s in 2005! It’s fair to say The Leadmill is a special space.


The Thekla – Bristol


The Thekla is quite possibly the most impressive of all the venues on the list. With the parties being hosted on a boat and two rooms, The Thekla has hosted a variety of parties, bands and nights. If you are concerned about being seasick, don’t worry it doesn’t move, so you can love life, party and not worry about being sea sick.


The Limelight – Belfast


For those looking to venture out a little The Limelight in Belfast is exactly what you need. It has four spacious rooms with a huge variety of music available. With a rich tradition, The Limelight hosted Oasis in 1994 and never looked back. If you want a variety of styles and music, The Limelight is exactly where you need to go to next!


The Royal Albert Hall – London


The capital hosts some of the UK’s best independent music venues. There aren’t many more magnificent venues than The Royal Albert Hall, which was once only used for classical music! The Royal Albert Hall has seen acts such as The Wombats and Pet Shop Boys, with its wonderful venue and beautiful surroundings.


Islington Mill – Salford

Islington Mill has always been seen as a successor to the hugely popular Haçienda, which dominated in the 80’s and 90’s. Islington Mill was founded shortly after, in 2000 and with its independent label, it became hugely popular with so many different artists.


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The Ultimate Festival Checklist

Festivals are the perfect time for people to get together, making the most of such an event. With the sun shining down and the conversation flowing, there isn’t a better feeling. However, when it comes to a festivals you need to make sure you have all the essentials for any festival! Take a look at our ultimate festival checklist!


Money, or Cards

If you find yourself splashing your money on the first day, you should always have your card on you. Even though festival card machines can often charge and could have long queues, it can be hugely frustrating. Always take a little cash beforehand and ensure that your card is there in case of emergencies.


Do You Have Your Keys?

Having your keys may be the most obvious one, but there are people who believe they have lost their keys, only to find out that they’re at home. Festivals are a place where you could quite easily lose your keys, so maybe leave a spare set under the bin, or with a neighbour in case the worst does decide to happen! You don’t want to find yourself locked out and exhausted after days in the sunshine. 


Don’t Forget About Your ID

Queuing for hours on end can be exhausting, but it could be even worse if you’ve forgotten your ID. Festivals based in the UK, accept driving licenses, so ensure you have your ID with the correct ticketed name. Glastonbury have been known to reject those with a different ticket name in comparison to that of their ID, so be careful and read up beforehand! This way you’ll find yourself prepared and in no need to rely on anyone else!


Do You Have Waterproof Clothes?

Sitting in the sun for hours is perfect, however you need to prepared for the worst when it comes to festivals. The weather can quickly change, especially in the UK, so ensure that you have waterproof clothes. Waterproof clothes can be hugely beneficial at night, especially when the temperature drops. Ensure that you have a variety of different clothes for festivals. Another important thing to consider is your tent. Having a tent is needed for you to sleep and also visit in between acts, so don’t forget it!


Tickets/ Wristbands

Your tickets and wristbands are one of the most important on the checklist. Tickets don’t just include the festival tickets, but your transport tickets, including bus or trams. Book your tickets in advance, so that you can also save and not run the risk of losing out of them.

Wristbands are an alternative to tickets, but are equally as important. Regardless of what wristband you have, which can include Tyvek, Silicone or Fabric, you’ll need to have it ready in order to present at the right times. Some festivals also require you to wear an over 18 wristband, which will make it easier when it comes to alcohol purchases, so don’t forget!

Nightclub Wristband Options

In this blog we aim to look at which wristbands are the most suitable for nightclubs and how they can use them to promote their business.

Tyvek wristbands are the most common wristbands for nightclubs to use. These wristbands are extremely economical, easy to use and can be a great marketing tool.

Our recent market research has found that people don’t like being stamped when they enter a nightclub to show they have paid, they much prefer to receive a wristband.

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Wristband Options

In this blog we aim to look at the different wristbands and analyse the advantages of each wristband and why they may be the most suitable for your requirement.

Tyvek wristbands are the most popular wristband, and also the cheapest. They can be ordered plain or printed for next day delivery and are easy to use and ideal for any event that lasts up to 24 hours. They are available in 16 stock colours and our in-house design time can produce a design for you and email over a proof for you to approve before you place your order.

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