Top 5 Winter Music Festivals

For the majority of people, most of the festivals they go to take place during the summer months. However, because of the popularity for big music events – a lot of festivals are now taking place during the winter months. Meaning you can add another festival wristband to your collection!


Berg Festival


The ‘BERGFESTival’ takes place in the town of Saalbach in Austria between the 2 – 4 December. It is a festival that is designed for all the family to go to which makes it ideal for a family ski trip. The headline acts to be seen at the festival are Wolfmother, Alligatoah and La Brass Banda, which offers rock music that combines the old sound with the new.


Horizon Festival


Horizon packs its bass layers much more tightly than most electronic snowsports festivals, with garage particularly prominent amongst the usual techno and house mucic seen at these type of events. With Bulgarian prices being traditionally being cheaper, Horizon's lineups and attention to detail stand out as all the more impressive with Nina Kravitz, Gentlemen’s Dub Club and Goldie taking the stage at the festival.




Snowboxx is a festival that is fairly new and tailored towards the younger ski crowd. It is known for the small and intimate stage which is in the centre of the Avoriaz ski resort which will welcome Sigma, Stormzy and Blonde between the 18 – 25 March.


Sneeuwbal Winter Festival


The Sneeuwbal winter festival aims to bring together all the festivities of the ski season and create a unique and joyful music festival. The creative house and techno lineups include the famous Dutch producer/DJ Joran van Pol, along with Jay Hardway and Benny Rodrigues, which will be sure to light up Utrecht, Netherlands.




Snowbombing has without a doubt become one of the biggest music festivals regardless of the season. The famous mountain-top and igloo stages will be hosting some huge names including The Prodigy, Jamie Jones, Fatboy Slim, Jungle and Craig David. One thing for certain is that the city of Mayrhofen, Austria will host a music event that will put any of its ground-based festivals to shame.

Traditional Ways to Market Your Business

Many people would now argue that we are in the digital era, and this has made a lot of businesses focus on this platform when it comes to marketing their business. However, for a lot of sectors this is not the case and the best way for them to get their product/service across to their customers is through traditional marketing. This can be done through a number of ways so let’s discuss what these are.




Adverts have been popular in newspapers for a century now and in 2016 we still see a number of businesses using newspapers to market their business. Adverts in newspapers are usually split up into the size and where they appear in the newspaper. For instance, an advert that is placed towards the latter pages in a small column at the bottom wouldn’t receive as much of a reach as an advert that is a double-page spread in the middle of the paper – so it would be important to take this into consideration when wanting to market through this traditional medium.




Television can sometimes be confused for being digital because it is electrical, but digital marketing refers to mediums which are reliant on the internet. The way to market via television is with an advert. This is certainly still popular for a number of businesses because of the millions of people who watch television and will see the advert. However, something which often puts people off is the cost that comes with having a television advert when there are a number of cheaper alternatives available.




Digital marketing techniques can often be coined as innovative, but there are actually a number of traditional marketing techniques which can be still be classed as creative – and wristbands are certainly one of them. The reason for this is that wristbands can be used in a number of ways as a way of advertising which can be very inventive. For instance, a company can hand out wristbands as a direct marketing tool instead of just using flyers, which can be beneficial as it gives the customer something to actually use instead of them having a piece of paper that they will likely throw away.

How Wristbands Can Be Used for Sporting Events

The brilliant thing about wristbands is that they are one of the most versatile utilities for events that is available on the market, as they are very multi-functional and durable. One of these great ways is for sporting events. Which can be either for admission of supporters, staff or even to organize the athletes. This post goes in to more depth about what you can do with the wristbands.

Custom Wristbands


You can use custom wristbands as a way to make the bands unique for that particular sports event. For instance, you can choose to put the logo and name of the sports team on to the wristband. This can act as mini advertisement medium for the team and the event organizers can even try to get sponsorship for the wristband as a way to raise some money.


Colour Coordination


Another way to use wristbands for a sporting event is by having differing colours for the athletes taking part in the event. For example, if it is for a footballing event, you can use separate colours to differentiate between the starters and substitutes if there are no bibs available. An additional way to colour coordinate is for supporters who have been given VIP status to easily allow them to enter the designated areas without any hassle.




You can use festival wristbands in the same way they would be used for any other event, by tracking the admission of people who are entering or leaving the grounds. Firstly, it allows the event orgainsers to know exactly who’s bought a ticket and once this has been traded for a wristband, it also avoids the hassle of the supporters having to always show their ticket if they want to quickly pop out of the grounds for a minute.


Creative Uses for Tyvek Wristbands


Tyvek wristbands are usually used for events such as a nightclub or a music based events. However, tyvek wristbands aren’t as one-dimensional as they may seem. There are actually a number of other smart ways you can use and get creative with them and we’ve listed some!


Luggage Tags


If you’re on a trip away it is likely you will have some kind of bag with all of your items in. A useful thing to know about tyvek wristbands is that they are available in a wide range of colours. Once you’ve assigned a colour to groups you’ll be able to locate your items much more easily! It doesn’t stop there, because if your company is planning a work retreat you can put your logo on the wristbands too – a very a subtle way to improve brand recognition.


Children in Public Places


If you go out in to a busy public place with children, there is always a chance that a child may get distracted and often find themselves wandering. A great use for tyvek wristbands can be to write your name and contact number on it with a permanent marker and put it onto the child’s wrist. This way if the child does go missing and an adult locates them they will be able to use the information on the wristband and get the child to right location as soon as possible.


Promotional Product


Another great use for tyvek wristbands can be for them to be used as a promotional product instead of the usual flyers. You are able to completely customize your wristbands, which is done by placing your logo on them. With the brand and a bright colour, the wristbands with be instantly recognizable, which can be hugely effective compared to leaflets and flyers.


Animal Tags


Tyvek wristbands are also quite comfortable to wear, which also makes them a viable option to put on to animals. Tyvek wristbands are extremely useful for pet owners who have multiple pets, breeders and especially for those working in, or owning an animal shelter. The colours available in tyvek wristbands can be used to differentiate between animals in shelters and of course distinguish the difference for breeders.

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