Why Fabric Wristbands are Used for Festivals

There are numerous festivals which take place year after year, and it seems the popularity of them are bigger than ever. The most popular type of festivals are music ones, which take place all around the world – as well as the big ones in the UK, which include Glastonbury, Reading & Leeds and Creamfields festival. Though the musicians seen at these festivals often differ, one thing about them remains the same: the wristbands used. The following points are the reasons why organisers of some of the biggest festivals in the world use fabric wristbands.


The Design


Fabric wristbands offer one of the perfect platforms of a business to promote their business, and this means that that the festivals can showcase their branding for the festival over to the wristbands too. This can be made even more stronger by the fact that you can get multi-coloured custom designs which are available in 8 different colours and you will be able to have the brand design either woven into the band or printed on the outer case.




The festival wristbands all come with a metal clip which is used to clasp the wristband shut. These are primarily used for festivals which are held across multiple days, as they offer heightened security because it means that the guest will be unable to take the wristband off and give it to a gate-crasher outside the event. Also, as the wristbands are customisable, it means that the festival organiser would be able to give the VIP guests different wristbands for the duration of the festival so that security will be able to easily differentiate between them and the other guests.




With multi-day festivals in particular, the comfort levels of the wristbands are very important. This is especially important with festivals that are held during times of warm weather as when wearing silicone or Tyvek wristbands, sweat can build and over a long period that can be very uncomfortable. However, with fabric wristbands, the fabric can absorb the sweat instead of just rubbing against it.

How Wristbands Can Be Turned into Marketing Gold

When it comes to running or owning a business, there are many areas – such as finance or account handling – which stay the same and see little change in terms of how it is run. However, there are areas such as marketing which are constantly evolving and changing which require business owners to stay on their toes. In some industries – marketing is the main way business owners can stay one step ahead of the competition and set themselves apart in the eyes of customers. This often leads to owners searching for innovative techniques and new strategies. One of these can be wristbands, and these following points will explain how they can be turned into marketing gold for a business.


Customise for Your Business


A fantastic quality about wristbands are that you can have full control over how they are designed. This means that you will be able to customise them to however you see fit. Therefore, with a silicone wristband you would be able to make it the same colour as your logo and then print it with the name of your business. These can then be handed out to customers as an alternative to giving flyers – which can be better as wristbands are more likely to be kept by the customer rather than a flyer that they will probably take one look at then throw away.


Use Them as an Alternative to Traditional Techniques



Business owners can also use wristbands as an alternative marketing tool to the traditional techniques, this is because for the correct type of business, wristbands can be much more beneficial with marketing a product/service than some of the more common techniques such as social media or television advertisement. This is because they can be a more personal communication technique rather than the widespread message which is sent from social media or television.


Offer an Incentive


All wristbands are generally wearable items; this means that they will be visible on the body of the person wearing it. However, the issue with this is – why would the customer want wear a wristband to advertise a business? This is where the incentive comes in to place. If you run a business that requires the customer to repeatedly come back – such as a hairdresser – you can offer a discount if the customer wears the wristband on their return. You want to make sure this is a tyvek wristband so that it can’t be removed, and this would mean that your business would gain a wide reach of customers as everyone who sees the customer would see the wristband.

Advantages of Using Wristbands for Your Event

If you are planning an event that will hold a number of people, then you should be aware that wristbands have become the most popular way of managing the entries of guests. This post explores the advantages of using wristbands for your events.


Guest Management


When you have a large number of people going to an event it can be difficult to organise them efficiently. There can be issues with the guests having different levels of authorisation. There will be people who are allowed backstage, people who will be able to purchase alcohol, as well as those who have purchased full weekend access. The best way to overcome this is by giving guests customised wristbands so that you can easily differentiate between every guest.




Most wristbands are lightweight, strong and tamper-proof, making them very durable. With tyvek wristbands, they are also waterproof – so if bad weather becomes a factor then the wristbands will keep their strength and stay in place. festival wristbands are also known to be durable, lasting the tough terrain of festivals.


Brand Awareness


In particular, silicone wristbands have become popular for their ability to be used as a way to promote a brand or cause. They are fashionable, easy to use and can be customised with a number of colours and designs. An advantage of using silicone wristbands at your event is that you can use them to gain sponsorship for the event, helping you generate more money. Or you can simply use them as a way to gain more exposure for your event by giving them to people so they can be informed about the event taking place.




Having wristbands can improve the security around your event. This is certainly the case with Tyvek and silicone wristbands as they are tamper resistant and can only be removed with scissors. This means a guest would not be able to give their wristbands to an unauthorised guest, in turn allowing an unauthorised visitor into your event.  



Event Planning Tips for Bad Weather

When planning an outdoor event, the dream is to have clear blue skies, bright sun and just the right amount of breeze. However, one of the biggest risks with an outdoor event is that poor weather conditions leave your event at jeopardy of being ruined. In many cases, the weather can be completely unpredictable, and days which are forecasted to be sunny and warm can often end up rainy and cold – if this happens to be the case, these tips will help your event shine even when there’s rain.


Keep Waterproof


If you are dealing with rainfall that isn’t too heavy, then you want to make sure your event runs smoothly by making sure you have some waterproof items that can help keep guests and equipment dry. When it is raining and guests are entering the event, this can cause any paper tickets to get wet. Therefore, tyvek wristbands can be used to overcome this as they are waterproof and won’t be damaged because of the weather. For any large pieces of equipment such as lighting or soundboards, you should try to get to get some large plastic sheets that can go over the top of them. For lighting, you would want these to be see-through so that you can still get the brightness you need.


Have an Evacuation Plan


For the scenario where the weather can become severe and starts to affect the safety of the guests, then it is vital that you have a clear evacuation plan which is in place. It is very important that you communicate with all staff at the event and make sure that they are aware of the plan to ensure the guests are taken care of correctly.


Have a Policy in Place


To make sure that you are not in danger of being affected by any legal loopholes, you should try to make sure that when you advertise for your event you state exactly what will happen if bad weather does prevent the event from taking place. This will stop the level of complaints you will get in the aftermath of the event being shut down and will ensure that you won’t have to deal with any lawsuits.


Have a Back-Up Plan


If you have an event which has been planned a long time in advance, it can be a good idea to prepare a contingency for any bad weather that may occur closer to the time. For instance, it may be good to try and place an indoor venue on hold at the same time your event is set to take place so the event doesn’t have to be called off should there be severe weather conditions which occur closer to the time.

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