How Your Nightclub Can Utilise Wristbands

One of the best traits about wristbands is that they are incredibly multi-functional, this is because they can fulfil a number of different purposes – and this is the case for all different types of wristbands, too. When it comes to nightclub wristbands, the most popular choice are often tyvek wristbands – primarily because they are so durable and easy to put on. The most popular purpose for them is to handle entry into the venue, but there are also a number of other uses for tyvek wristbands in a nightclub.


Controlling Underage Drinking


There are some nightclubs which choose to hold an event which allows people to come who are under the legal drinking age. By having wristbands, the organisers can just get identification from everyone when they first enter the event, and then have alternative colours for the people who are over the drinking age and the ones who are under. This can help the night run much smoother and everyone can easily identify the people who are underage, and the ones who are the correct drinking age.


VIP Members


The vast majority of nightclubs usually include some type of VIP areas in their nightclubs. This is an area which is separated from the main section of the nightclubs, and to get in there the people usually pay an extra amount of money on top of the standard entry fee. The way wristbands can be used is to easily separate VIP members from people who do not wish to enter the VIP area. This can be done by giving them a wristband which is a different colour to all the other ones.




Not only can wristbands fulfil the conventional use of being able to handle entry, control underage drinking and be used to separate VIP members – but a nightclub can also use wristbands to brand their business. This can be through the form of a personalised wristband which has the nightclubs name and logo on it. By doing this, the will have wristbands that are unique to their nightclub, and it will improve brand recognition for the nightclub.

Why Is Personalising Your Silicone Wristbands Important?

When it comes to wristbands, colour and quantity are important, however, there is another factor to consider, printing. Printing your silicone wristbands can be more beneficial than you think, especially as it people will view your wristband as well as the message that comes along with it. To make a powerful and memorable first impression we’ve come up with some ideas for your printed silicone wristbands.


Phrases or Slogans


There are thousands of adverts that are placed on televisions with memorable slogans, which in turn help you remember them. Wristbands can be the same, especially as it is a representation of your company. Slogans and phrases can be a way to brand your business and make customers remember your business through your catchy one-liners. Whether you opt for the short and sweet message, or you choose to wrap a message across the whole of the wristband, it is important to remember that the wristband should look aesthetically pleasing alongside this.  


Considered Printed Logos?


As well as slogans and phrases you can get your company’s logo placed on silicone wristbands. Logos are a subtle and gentle reminder for potential and current customers wearing the wristbands. Even if it is an accidental glare or someone who constantly appreciates the design, printed logos will help customers think of you on a consistent basis.


Contact Details


If a logo is subtle, contact details are a more direct approach for personalisation. Contact details, whether it is a contact number or email address, can be fitted across the wristband. As this is a more direct approach to personalisation, customers no longer have to search for contact details and can just glance directly at the details presented across wristbands. It doesn’t stop there, as it doesn’t just have to be email addresses or phone numbers, as you can include website URLs and social media URLs. It is purely based on what design, or message you would like your customers to see.



Wristbands can be used as an unconventional method of marketing and not just used for parties, festivals or events. It maybe a little different and a lot subtler, but personalising your silicone wristbands can be hugely beneficial to your company.

Wristbands to Help Organise Your Multi-Day Convention

When multi-day conventions hit, they go huge, people even travel from all over the world and travel for days on end just to sit in on conferences. Such a large amount of traffic can be very difficult to control, especially when the visiting lengths of attendees very, along with the option of VIP for the ultimate experience, convention organisers must be able to seamlessly keep things organised and under control.


An excellent way of visually filtering or segmenting the crowd of people is to issue colour coded wristbands. There are also a vast array of different colours, designs and even styles to choose from which allow you to easily distinguish between attendees from a distance. Text can also be printed onto the wristbands to provide you with more information if require, or simply just to advertise the multi-day convention. Just some of the benefits of using wristbands are listed below:


No waiting lines & improved experience


Not so surprisingly, no one likes waiting in ques, being able to organise attendees within seconds without the need to check tickets or work out whether the attendee has access is essential to help things run smooth. Another benefit is you can spot VIP’s and cater more appropriately to their requirements.


Go cashless


Other items or services that can be made available can be included with the purchase of a specific design or colour of wristband. This removes the need to carry cash, and it doesn’t end there, removing processes of having to look after money actually speeds things up (a benefit for yourself and the people attending the convention!).


Branding & marketing


Many events utilize their wristbands to hold a fashion statement. Fans love to hold onto their wristbands so they can remember their experience. Take a look at some of the leading music festivals, you’ll notice that many people hold onto their wristbands for as long as possible. Get creative, customise the look and make a very bold statement with your brand.


Much, much easier to manage!


‘A picture speaks a thousand words’. It’s much easier to understand an image that is part of a system than trying to communicate. The wristband can also be much easier to review the performance of sales. Overall, if used correctly, wristbands can provide you with a much easier system to manage and review.


Common Mistakes Made by Event Planners

When it comes to planning an event, no matter what the size of it is, it will be likely that you will be thinking about a huge number of different things to make sure that everything runs smoothly and without any hiccups. However, no matter how hard you work there will be things that won’t go to plan – and if you are an event planner who wants to make sure that you avoid any mistakes, have a look at these common ones so that you aren’t affected by any of them.


Leaving Promotion Until the Last Minute


No matter what type of event you are planning, be it a small party, concert, networking exhibition or speaker series – a lack of promotion will leave with you without the most important aspect of an event: the audience. Therefore, you want to make sure that you promote the event through a variety of different channels as soon as you have the date, time and location of the event finalised. This makes sure that anyone who would be interested in the event will be able to put it in their calendars and you will be able to make early forecasts for the number of people you can expect at the event, which allows you to order the correct number of wristbands for the guests’ entry into the event.


Not Getting Confirmation from Suppliers


Once the venue is booked, the next step will be to rent the equipment and services needed for the event, which can be the furniture, caterers or any entertainment which will be at the event. When you have booked or rented everything you need for the event, it is then important that you stay in constant contact with these suppliers every day leading up to the event so that you make sure that you’re both on the same page in regards to the time, location and quality expected for the event. Not doing this can leave the event in turmoil as the supplies can either be in poor condition, or not even show up at all!


Not Checking the Weather


This is a point which is certainly more important in the autumn & winter months. For instance, when you have events which are outdoors, you will need plan for contingencies should it start raining, this can be done by either having a nearby indoor space or by having tents for people to go under. For the colder months you also need to make sure that you have somewhere that coats and jackets can be safely placed.


Underestimating the Size of the Event


When planning an event, it is imperative that you completely evaluate how big it is going to be. Many organisers can make the mistake of setting a lower estimate of numbers during the initial planning as they are simply looking at breaking even. But if all the marketing for the event is successful then this would mean that the turn-out will be quite high. Therefore, you need to make sure all plans are already in place with the event staff so that you can handle the demands should full capacity be reached.

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