Tips on How to Hold a Raffle

Holding a raffle is a wonderful way to create an event which can generate lots of money. This can either be for a charity or for a company who is looking at doing some fundraising to raise money for their cause, nevertheless, it is a great choice for any kind of business. There can be some issues which are faced when holding a raffle event, as it is not usually the same as the typical event such as a birthday party or wedding reception, with that in mind, take a look at some of the points below to ensure you know how to effectively hold a raffle.


Getting the Prizes

The most important step to take when holding a raffle is that you have a good set of prizes available for the winners of the raffle. You want to make sure that these are prizes that people will want to win, otherwise you will struggle to get many people purchasing tickets.  When it comes to purchasing the prizes, this can either be done by getting sponsors to offer the prizes as a donation, or the other option can be to purchase the prizes yourself. However, when choosing the latter option, it is important that you don’t overspend and ensure that you will still be able to raise a profit for your cause.



The next important step to take is promoting your raffle so that people are aware that it is happening. This can be done in a variety of ways – but of course – it is important that you do this in the most cost effective way possible. Therefore, wristbands can be a great tool for this, and you can even choose to get creative with how this is done. For instance, if you use Tyvek wristbands, you can say to customers that if they keep it on and wear it to the event they will get a free raffle ticket.


Organising the Venue

When holding the raffle, it is important that you pick an adequate venue for the event. If it is a fundraiser, this will probably be more of a business event. Therefore, you will want to make sure that it is at a formal venue that has seating arrangements. Whereas, a charity event could be more effective in an outdoor space which can hold a larger number of people and maybe have some other activities for people to partake in.


Best Type of Wristband for Your Event

There can be a whole host of reasons to for holding an event, and regardless of how big or small, there is always a large number of things you need to take care of. One of the key aspects are to ensure that the event is fully secure and organised, which can easily be taken care of by using wristbands. Whatever type of event you are holding, take a look at the suggestions below to see which type of wristband will be good for your event.


Child’s Birthday Party


When dealing with a lot of young children you will likely have an event which will involve a lot of fun and excitement. Therefore, when it comes to choosing wristbands for a child’s party, the best choice would be Tyvek wristbands. The durability, ease of use, and design they offer are all perfect when young children are involved, and can be extra beneficial for parties at waterparks as they are waterproof. They are completely secure once attached, meaning that the child will be unable to pull it off or risk their safety.




Proms are always wonderful events, but they often include a high number of guests, which can be difficult to manage. When it comes to choosing a type of wristband for a prom, the two best options are silicone and Tyvek – because they both offer a great design and can be quickly handed out to each guest. A good idea can be to use alternating colours for the teachers and students as this allows the organisers of the event to instantly differentiate between the two.




Whether it is for a food, beer or music festival, fabric wristbands are a necessity when it comes to organising the event. This is because you can choose to brand them in whichever way you choose, they are perfect for festivals which run for multiple days and once applied they are completely secure until they are cut off with a knife or scissors. The reason festival wristbands are so popular is because they are wonderful for controlling entry into the event and allow organisers to separate adults and children, or VIP’s and guests with standard tickets.




Generally, concerts are usually a one-day event which take place at a specialised music venue or nightclub. The ideal type of wristbands for this type of event would be a Tyvek wristband as they can easily be applied and will allow organisers to easily see who has paid to enter the event. As with some of the other events, organisers can choose to use different colours for VIP’s and people who are under the legal drinking age.


How to Organise a 5K Run

A 5-kilometre (5K) run is often an event which is held in aid of a good cause. There are a variety of well-known charities which organise 5k runs as a method of fundraising, and they are often very successful. The idea usually is to try and get the participants of the race to gain sponsorship from their close family & friends. When the desired outcome for an event is to help a good cause, people usually come together to make sure it is successful, but to make sure that it is organised correctly have a look at the following points below.


Get the Right Team Together


When organising any type of event, it is vital that you have the correct personnel together so that the event runs smoothly. More specifically to a 5K run, you will want people who are not only passionate about charitable causes, but enthusiastic about running too. Try and cover your bases with:


1.     Skilled Fundraisers – Of course for any type of charitable event you will have to try and raise adequate funds to hold the event. Therefore, you want to hire people who have the correct skills when it comes to raising funds for a running event.

2.     Creative Marketers – Even though you are not going to be selling your event, you are going to be selling the idea of it. This means you will need to get marketers in who can use the correct cost-efficient- tools, such as custom wristbands.

3.     Planners – When it come to the operations and organisation of the race, it is vital you have people who can correctly schedule and plan. These are people who are forward thinking, pay attention to detail and can work well under pressure.


Develop a Strategy


Once you have put your team together, it is important that you develop a strategy that you will all work towards to make sure the event runs smoothly. The three important areas when planning a run are choosing the best location, gaining sponsorship and having a good registration process.



·      Choose somewhere to meet that is central and easy for participants to get to.

·      Make sure the route chosen is adequate for the people who are taking part e.g. don’t have steep hills to run up if the people taking part are at an intermediate standard.


·      Encourage participants to gain sponsorship from their friends & family.

·      Try and get sponsors which are relevant to the cause you’re raising money for.

·      Try and get sponsors who can offer water or fresh fruit throughout the run.


Registration Process

·      Make sure participants have a good amount of time beforehand to register for the event.

·      Do not charge participants a fee to take part as this can often put people off.


Once all of these steps have been taken, you will have assurance that your 5K run will be adequately planned and will be successful, but more importantly – enjoyable.



Alternative Ways Your Business Can Make Money

It’s the one of the biggest issues for all up-and-coming entrepreneurs: you are literally full of thousands of ideas, but you don’t have the thousands of pounds you need to put them into practice! Bank loans are not easy at all to obtain, even if your business is up and running. It then comes down to look for alternative methods to make some money. There a good number of options available, but it is vital that business owners choose the correct option to satisfy their business’s needs.


Online lending


Online lending is arguably one of the best options on this list, mainly because it only takes an hour (if that) to complete an application, and depending on the type of business or what you need the money for (marketing, paying bills etc.) it can usually be approved within a few days. Additionally, it has been forecasted in 2017 that online lending will provide capital to 70% of small businesses in the UK, meaning that most business owners are slowly realsing how benefical it can be.


Angel investors


Angel investment is certainly one of the hardest ways to secure some money for a small business. However, if you manage to secure an investor for your business, not only will you be able to make some instant money for your business – but it will also have a huge long-term effect on your business too! This has been demonstrated by the fact that some of the biggest companies in the world (Google, Facebook, AirBnB) were all supported from an early stage through angel investment.




Crowdfunding is a method of earning money that has massively grown in popularity over the past few years. The reasoning for this is that not only does it provide more money for your business, but the process gives a great opportunity to refine your brand identity, gain more exposure and grow your customer base. These extra benefits come with the fact that you can explain why you need the need extra money – so if you are a not-for-profit business who is helping people, then this will go over well with your business’s stakeholders and will give a good reputation for your business.


Cost-Friendly Marketing Tools


There is little arguing the fact that marketing is a necessity for the majority of businesses as it is one of the key ways to increase your number of customers and income. However, there are number of overheads which come with marketing so you would want to search for the cheapest options. Therefore, you should look towards cheap marketing tools such as wristbands or flyers as a way to acquire more customers whilst still keeping the costs down.

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