What are the Uses of Sports Wristbands?

It has been over 80 years since the legendary tennis player Fred Perry invented the sweatband as way to absorb the sweat from his face and arms whilst playing on the court. This was revolutionary at the time, and the common sweatband is still used by sports players around the world to this date! Furthermore, in 2017 there are many other types of wristbands during sports events – but what are the uses of the wristbands?



As mentioned, to this date there are still numerous athletes – namely runners, tennis and basketball players – who still use sweatbands when they are playing. These are usually made out of a towel-like material and serve the conventional purpose of wiping sweat from the face. With tennis and basketball players also finding them useful in stopping sweat from travelling down their arms onto their hands, which allows them to have a better grip.



Over time, wristbands have also started to serve the purpose of being used as a fundraising tool. In particular, silicone wristbands have become synonymous with fundraising efforts of major causes. One of the most popular courses was bicyclist Lance Armstrong, who ran the first major charity campaign using wristbands with the yellow Livestrong wristbands in aid of cancer. The success of these was huge, and it raised a huge amount of money around the globe. The other popular charity wristbands in sports were the ‘Stand Up – Speak Up’ black and white wristbands from Nike which were used for an anti-racism campaign and were worn by football players all around the world.



Advertising has become one of the biggest money making methods for the sports industry, and with wristbands being a cost-effective advertisement tool, it is no surprise they have become very popular within sports. In the modern world of sports, each event can have a reach of hundreds of millions of people around the globe. This has encouraged a lot of businesses to try and get their business associated with the event in any way possible. Whether they pay a player to wear a wristband or give them out to fans outside the event, it means that their business will gain a high reach and will give their business some great exposure.

The Top 5 Music Festivals this Summer

We are now in March, and that means that all the popular music festivals in the UK have announced the dates when they will be taking place! UK festivals are some of the most popular in the world, and they are renowned for their creativity and being able to attract some of the most famous acts in the world. There are a huge number of festivals which take place each summer, and if you want to fill your arm with some more festival wristbands, take a look at the best ones you need to know about this summer.



‘Cream’ was originally a dance brand which came to existence in Liverpool over 10 years ago. Since then, it has taken its famous parties all around the world – but it’s pinnacle event, Creamfields takes place right here in the UK. This year will see Calvin Harris, Avicii and Dimitri Vegas headlining the event, and there is expected to be tens of thousands of a party-goers ready to bask in their electronic sounds.



Taking place in the quiet Isle of White, Bestival has developed a reputation of being much more than the standard music festival. You can expect lakesides lit-up in lights, numerous fancy dress outfits, theatre shows, comedy events. It may be difficult to imagine how you can fit all of that in when you’re wanting to see Major Lazer and The Cure perform, but you’ll certainly find a way!


Reading & Leeds

Reading & Leeds festival has developed into one of the most popular music festivals in the world. Originally being the home to rock, indie and metal bands – the festival has spread its wings slightly over the past few years and has been the home to a number of dance, hip hop and techno artists. This year you will be able to see the rap phenomenon Eminem and rock band Biffy Clyro headlining.



Even though Glastonbury is one of the country’s oldest music festival, Glastonbury is still considered one of the biggest dates in the music calendar. It has previously hosted the likes of Oasis, Adele and Kanye West, and this year Radiohead are confirmed to headline, with Ed Sheeran expected to be the other headliner of the famous festival.



Parklife is slightly different to the majority of the other music festivals in that it doesn’t have a campsite, but this certainly doesn’t make it any lesser of a fantastic music festival! Originally starting in the small Plattfields Park in Manchester, it has now moved across the city to the larger Heaton Park. Hosting a wide range of urban, alternative and techno acts, this year huge R&B star Frank Ocean is going to be headlining the festival.

How to Plan an Event on a Small Budget

Organise Your Venue Early

The venue of your event will be one of the most important costly items on your budget, so you should make it one of the first things which you take care of. Finding a suitable venue is hard enough, but when you are on a limited budget you will not want to have to deal with the extra booking fees that can come with booking a venue at the last minute. A good way to get cheap venues can be to book in the off-season as there will be less demand for the venue and you will be able to get it at a discounted price.


Food and Beverage Costs

When you are wanting to organise and event on a budget, you should certainly not worry about the catering being overly fancy. When working on a small budget, you will need to think outside the box slightly with how you choose to incorporate food into your event. Instead of going for the typical 3-course meals, think about going around with canapés for guests to eat instead. Then instead of having a bar full of drinks, just have a few selections of cocktails for guests to take their pick from.


Use low-cost Promotional Techniques

When it comes to promoting your event, you only want to assign a small amount of your budget. This means that you will need to find promotional techniques which do not cost you a lot of money. This can be done by either counting on word-of-mouth by hoping people will naturally talk about your event, or you can use promotional tools such as wristbands. These can be branded and can be used as an incentive to get more people to come to your event, which can be done by offering a free drink if they come to the event still wearing the wristband.


To Sum Up

If you happen to be dealing with a low budget for your event, you certainly shouldn’t worry! There are numerous ways you can still make the event memorable, you need to let your creative side flow and really make the most out of what you have available to you.

Why You Should Advertise With Lanyards at a Festival

The summer months are soon to back with us, and that means one of the best seasons is almost back – festival season! There are fewer events which people enjoy more than a nice sunny day out at a festival. There are a number of popular festivals which take place each year attracting tens of thousands of fans, and then there are also the smaller food & drink or music festivals which attract smaller numbers of people. These smaller festivals are a great opportunity for a business to promote their company – especially if they are relevant to the festival (e.g. a guitar shop at a music festival). With that in mind, take a look at points below for why advertising with lanyards at a festival can be beneficial to your business.


Reach a Wide Range of Audiences


The way your lanyard is used at the festival is up to you, it can either be given out to customers when they purchase one of your products, or you can sponsor the festival and have the organisers print your brand name/logo on the lanyard.


For most festivals, you would be forgiven for presuming that the majority of the attendees will be teenagers or people in their early 20’s. However, a lot of festivals attract a wide range of different people – meaning that your lanyards will receive a very high reach.


This can be a fantastic way to reach the people you want to, as well as being a way to gain a better insight into whether other consumers may be interested in your businesses offering.


Famous Fans


If you choose to utilise lanyards by putting your brand on the lanyards which are used as part of the festival, then you may get the advantage of famous people sporting the brand. Often, the famous people will be given VIP passes which they will wear around their neck with a lanyard. This is beneficial to your business because it is extremely likely that there will be pictures taken of the celebrities which will find its way into newspapers and social media websites – which is a lot of extra publicity for your business.




Another great thing about festivals, whether they’re of the world-famous variety or the more local family friendly type, is that they are special events. There are lots of memories made, and people love to have a keepsake, with the best option often being the ticket or lanyard.


Any branded lanyards from the event are likely to be kept by lots of people, and the company names printed on lanyards used at a festival will likely be remembered fondly, simply by association with the event.

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