Traditional or Digital, Which is the Best Way to Market Your Business?

The typical forms of traditional marketing techniques include things such as newspapers, magazines and billboards. As well as commercials from television, radio and cinema. Digital marketing techniques generally revolve around the internet with things such as search engine marketing, advertising on websites and social media. The problem with these two techniques comes with choosing which one is actually best when it comes to marketing your business – explained below are what these two methods are and what they include.


Traditional Marketing


One of the benefits of traditional marketing is that it is very good for businesses who want to make sure they reach their customers on a local level. For instance, the business can advertise their business on a radio station that is in their region. The business can also promote alongside this by using direct marketing to people in the local area too. A big aspect of traditional marketing is that you can also give the customer a physical item that they can keep. However, a customer can be very likely to look at a flyer and throw it away. Therefore, a great way to overcome this is to use goodie bags or lanyards as you can still brand these and they are more likely to be kept by the customer.


Digital Marketing


One thing that is great about marketing digitally is that it allows you to be more in-depth when your business is trying to target a specific demographic. A big part of digital marketing is social media, and this is one of the most cost-effective tools available to any business. Additionally, it allows for a two-communication between you and the customer which means that you can easily gather feedback on any kind of marketing campaign.


So, which is Better?


It is important to remember that both techniques have their downsides too. For instance, with traditional marketing it can be hard to track to the progress of a lot of your campaigns and see if they actually had any effect on gaining your business more sales. Digital marketing issues comes with the fact that the customers have lot of power with the feedback they give – particularly on social media – can be seen straight away, and if this feedback isn’t good it can have a detrimental effect on your business.


Therefore, to get the both out of each method, both should be used hand-in-hand in the same campaign. This can be done easily by making a television advert and then producing YouTube adverts that also go along with the story of the TV advert. Or by running a social media campaign and then team it with direct marketing by handing out wristbands which customers can take a picture of and send in to your social media account to get a discount on your product/service.

Ultimate Festival Checklist for This Summer


Festival season is just around the corner (finally!) and no matter which one you’re attending, these items are sure to be vital for wherever, or whatever kind you find yourself at this summer.



It may seem obvious but these are definitely an essential. Many festivals are now exchanging tickets for wristbands upon arrival, so without a ticket you won’t be going anywhere fast! As well as the apparent festival tickets, it’s worth being prepared and organised if you’re travelling by bus/train/tram etc. Advance tickets can also prove to be considerably cheaper than when left until last minute, and guarantee a seat on most, which will definitely be appreciated with all your festival gear in tow.



Whilst taking your actual day-to-day wallet or purse with you might be a bit excessive, and unnecessary! It’s worth taking a smaller, or an old one you have to hand, to easily and safely carry your valuables around. Obvious ones are cash & cards, both is better. Most sites will have cash machines but these usually have a charge, which can be quite hefty, and can quickly add up over the course of a weekend! Not to mention the queues are always very long. Beat the queues and save yourself some money by being prepared and withdrawing a substantial, and realistic amount, that will comfortably see you through the entire weekend. To keep it safe, split it between several bags and pockets. ID again is key if you plan on drinking anything alcoholic over the weekend and also essential to gaining entry to a few festivals, (Glastonbury won’t let you in if you’re ticket doesn’t match the name on your ID!) So this is definitely something worth checking before you head off. 



Again obvious, but ensure it is fully charged and has all your friends correct digits. If my iPhone battery is anything to go by, it will run out, and fast if you use it alot. Try to stick strictly to texts and calls and leave it switched off whilst you're asleep, or if not required, to save those vital bars. Most festivals will have charging bars where you can pay to leave your phone, and have it charged whilst you go off and enjoy an act or two. However these are expensive so it’s worth thinking about optional camera ideas if you know you plan on using your phone a lot.



Often forgotten about or simply left behind, never underestimate the power of light. A torch is essential for navigating (stumbling) back to your tent after a heavy day. Likewise, trying to find what you’re looking for in your tent at night is a task in itself, never mind without light. You’ll thank me when you’re trying to take your contacts out, or your make up/glitter off your face. Whilst many phones nowadays have torches incorporated within them, these will drain your already suffering battery life and so investing in a good quality, transportable version is advised.



The Many Uses of Silicone Wristbands

When it comes to the different types of wristbands, there are fewer which are more multi-functional than silicone wristbands. This may seem slightly surprising seen as though they are fairly simple in their design, but this can actually work in their favour! The reason for this is that they can be easily customised to suit a range of different activities – some of which are listed below.



If you are wanting a cheap solution to promote your business, then silicone wristbands can be a quick and easy solution. They can be used for a variety of different businesses, and can also be utilised in a range of different ways. The most common use is to create brand awareness by giving a consumer a wearable item to put on which is customised with your businesses logo. Another good use can be to give customers a discount if they wear the wristband when they are in-store.



It was Lance Armstrong who started selling silicone wristbands to raise money for cancer victims. Due to its immense popularity, a number of other charities started selling wristbands to raise money for their cause too. To this day, silicone wristbands are still a hugely popular fundraising tool for any charity who is wanting to spread their message and raise funds.



A great way for a school to use silicone wristbands is as an organisational tool so that they can easily differentiate between pupils who are in different years, and have different privileges. For instance, instead of asking every pupil if they’re allowed out at lunch time they can just see what colour wristband they have on instead.


Sports Team

As a sports team, silicone wristbands can serve the conventional purpose by being worn by players who are on the substitutes bench – so that the referees and coaches can see who the active player is. Another reason they can be worn which can also be useful is by having a motivational message written on them. These can be simple phrases such as ‘you’re a winner’ or it can even be the team’s slogan.

Unique Uses for Tyvek Wristbands

Tyvek or paper wristbands are some of the most popular wristbands for a variety of reasons. They are the wristbands which are synonymous with nightclub entry, and they can be used for a variety of different events too. They are great way to improve the security of entrance for a number of venues, mainly because they can’t be removed unless cut or ripped – meaning they can’t be re-used. However, there are several other uses for Tyvek wristbands outside of events, so take a look below to see how else you can make use of Tyvek wristbands.


Plant Tags

One of the unique aspects of Tyvek wristbands are that they are long lasting and can be written on. Therefore, if you happen to own a plant shop, they can be used as the perfect choice for an inexpensive plant tag. A good idea can be to use a band with a neon yellow Tyvek band so it stands out more and makes them highly visible, or you can use bands which are different colours to differentiate between the different flowers you sell.


Suitcase ID

When you’ve got off a long plane journey and you have to stand waiting around for your suitcase, it can be one of the most draining things ever. You’re standing around and concentrating waiting for your suitcase to finally come around the carousel, and after a certain point it can become difficult to be able to differentiate between them! By attaching a brightly coloured wristband, you will be sure that the suitcase coming around is yours and hopefully make sure that you take the right one home.


Cleaning Purposes

Another great use for Tyvek wristbands is that they can be used to help with cleaning in large offices or buildings which require a lot of different people to clean. The reason for this is that when a person has finished cleaning a room or certain item, they can place a wristband around it so the other cleaners know that they have cleaned that space. Taking this a step further, two different coloured wristbands could be used to show which items have been cleaned and which ones still need cleaning.


Record Number of People at Event

As mentioned, Tyvek wristbands are very popular at events – but there can actually be further uses for them at an event too. Instead of just placing them on people to confirm entry, a fantastic idea can be to print each wristband with a separate number on them. This way, you will be able to count exactly how many people are at the event and you can also double-up the wristbands as a raffle ticket too!


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