The Types of Events You Can Use Wristbands At

When it comes to holding an event, the thought of using wristbands is not likely to crop up in your mind as an item which can be used as part of the event – but they can be helpful for a variety of different reasons. Whether you are wanting heightened security, a way to make your event more unique or just simply add a splash of colour to your event, take a look below for events where you can use wristbands.


Charity Events

Charity events can be run in a variety of different ways and for a number of different purposes, and the reason for using wristbands at them can vary too! The best way to use wristbands at a charity event would be to try and promote the charity the event is taking place in aid of. Charity wristbands are as a popular as ever, and they can be easily customised so that they can be engraved with the logo or name of the charity, these can then be sold to attendees to help raise more money for the charity.


Birthday Parties

Wristbands can be a great idea for birthday parties too. If it is a birthday party with younger children in a public space, using wristbands is a great way to ensure that parents know who is part of the party and if they get lost, people will know to return the child to where the party is. Another option can be to use fabric wristbands which are can be decorated and kept as a piece of memorabilia for the birthday.



Wristbands are also a very efficient way of helping with security and admission of people into a nightclub event. These are a great alternative to stamps which can be easily rubbed off or transferred. The reason wristbands are better is because you can get vinyl wristbands which are designed so they can only be removed if they are cut off, which means that once a person attends the club they can not give the wristband to anyone else.

Benefits of Using Promotional Products

For many businesses, it can sometimes be difficult to constantly think of new and creative ways to promote their business. This can be a problem seen as though active promotion of their business is one of the key ways they can continually acquire new customers, and keep their current ones too. A lot of business owners don’t have the greatest perception of promotional products, but the truth is that using them can have multiple benefits for their business – some of which are listed below.


Improve Brand Recognition

A goal for the majority of businesses is always to have good brand recognition, but it can sometimes be difficult to stand out from the competition. Therefore, it is important to try and get creative in the way they promote – which is where promotional products can be the answer. Promotional products can be a simple tool for improving brand awareness, the reason being if you give a customer a product they can easily use in their everyday life which has a logo on, it will keep the business at the top of their mind.


Alternative to a Business Card

There is no doubt that business cards can be very useful, but promotional products can be a much more fun and creative way to describe a business’s information. The two can be used hand-in-hand too, by giving your card along with a branded product. For instance, if you own a hat store, think about giving a branded cap along with your business card to potential customers as this will be sure to keep the business in the mind of the customer.


Vary Your Marketing

For some businesses, using one particular medium of marketing can be beneficial. However, the best businesses usually have a good variety of different promotional techniques. It can be very good to have a newspaper advert or run a social media campaign, but it can be even better to follow this up by handing out some promotional products as part of the same campaign. This can improve the effectiveness of the campaign and will make it much more memorable for the customers.


Improve Customer Loyalty

When a business has a tight budget, it can be very difficult to continuously try and develop new ways to ensure their customers stay loyal. By constantly offering discounts, it will be sure to eventually eat away at profits – but by using promotional products it can have a better effect but for less money. The reason for this is if the business gives the customer a free product when they spend over a certain amount of money, it will be sure to make them happy and will keep the business at the top of the customers mind.

Traditional or Digital, Which is the Best Way to Market Your Business?

The typical forms of traditional marketing techniques include things such as newspapers, magazines and billboards. As well as commercials from television, radio and cinema. Digital marketing techniques generally revolve around the internet with things such as search engine marketing, advertising on websites and social media. The problem with these two techniques comes with choosing which one is actually best when it comes to marketing your business – explained below are what these two methods are and what they include.


Traditional Marketing


One of the benefits of traditional marketing is that it is very good for businesses who want to make sure they reach their customers on a local level. For instance, the business can advertise their business on a radio station that is in their region. The business can also promote alongside this by using direct marketing to people in the local area too. A big aspect of traditional marketing is that you can also give the customer a physical item that they can keep. However, a customer can be very likely to look at a flyer and throw it away. Therefore, a great way to overcome this is to use goodie bags or lanyards as you can still brand these and they are more likely to be kept by the customer.


Digital Marketing


One thing that is great about marketing digitally is that it allows you to be more in-depth when your business is trying to target a specific demographic. A big part of digital marketing is social media, and this is one of the most cost-effective tools available to any business. Additionally, it allows for a two-communication between you and the customer which means that you can easily gather feedback on any kind of marketing campaign.


So, which is Better?


It is important to remember that both techniques have their downsides too. For instance, with traditional marketing it can be hard to track to the progress of a lot of your campaigns and see if they actually had any effect on gaining your business more sales. Digital marketing issues comes with the fact that the customers have lot of power with the feedback they give – particularly on social media – can be seen straight away, and if this feedback isn’t good it can have a detrimental effect on your business.


Therefore, to get the both out of each method, both should be used hand-in-hand in the same campaign. This can be done easily by making a television advert and then producing YouTube adverts that also go along with the story of the TV advert. Or by running a social media campaign and then team it with direct marketing by handing out wristbands which customers can take a picture of and send in to your social media account to get a discount on your product/service.

Ultimate Festival Checklist for This Summer


Festival season is just around the corner (finally!) and no matter which one you’re attending, these items are sure to be vital for wherever, or whatever kind you find yourself at this summer.



It may seem obvious but these are definitely an essential. Many festivals are now exchanging tickets for wristbands upon arrival, so without a ticket you won’t be going anywhere fast! As well as the apparent festival tickets, it’s worth being prepared and organised if you’re travelling by bus/train/tram etc. Advance tickets can also prove to be considerably cheaper than when left until last minute, and guarantee a seat on most, which will definitely be appreciated with all your festival gear in tow.



Whilst taking your actual day-to-day wallet or purse with you might be a bit excessive, and unnecessary! It’s worth taking a smaller, or an old one you have to hand, to easily and safely carry your valuables around. Obvious ones are cash & cards, both is better. Most sites will have cash machines but these usually have a charge, which can be quite hefty, and can quickly add up over the course of a weekend! Not to mention the queues are always very long. Beat the queues and save yourself some money by being prepared and withdrawing a substantial, and realistic amount, that will comfortably see you through the entire weekend. To keep it safe, split it between several bags and pockets. ID again is key if you plan on drinking anything alcoholic over the weekend and also essential to gaining entry to a few festivals, (Glastonbury won’t let you in if you’re ticket doesn’t match the name on your ID!) So this is definitely something worth checking before you head off. 



Again obvious, but ensure it is fully charged and has all your friends correct digits. If my iPhone battery is anything to go by, it will run out, and fast if you use it alot. Try to stick strictly to texts and calls and leave it switched off whilst you're asleep, or if not required, to save those vital bars. Most festivals will have charging bars where you can pay to leave your phone, and have it charged whilst you go off and enjoy an act or two. However these are expensive so it’s worth thinking about optional camera ideas if you know you plan on using your phone a lot.



Often forgotten about or simply left behind, never underestimate the power of light. A torch is essential for navigating (stumbling) back to your tent after a heavy day. Likewise, trying to find what you’re looking for in your tent at night is a task in itself, never mind without light. You’ll thank me when you’re trying to take your contacts out, or your make up/glitter off your face. Whilst many phones nowadays have torches incorporated within them, these will drain your already suffering battery life and so investing in a good quality, transportable version is advised.



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