Great Uses for Silicone Wristbands

Silicone wristbands, or as they also commonly known as – rubber wristbands – have a number of different uses and purposes. This means that no matter your requirement, a silicone wristband can be the ideal solution for your needs. With this in mind, take a look below for some of the great uses of the silicone wristband.

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The Top One-Day Music Festivals This Summer

Summer is almost with us, and as always, one of the big highlights of the summer months are the numerous music festivals which take place. Not only can these give you the opportunity to add another festival wristband to your collection, but they all allow you to enjoy some fantastic music and make some great memories. A lot of people love festivals which go on for several days, but if you aren’t a fan of camping or portaloos – then you may be more inclined to go just visit a festival for one day. For the best choices which offer a one day visit this year, take a look at our picks below…

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Essential Steps for Event Security

Recent events mean that event security is at the forefront of every event planner’s mind. Whether you are organising a conference or concert, ensuring that your attendees are safe and secure should be a top priority. Good event security requires planning, knowledge of the venue and good communication between event staff and security staff. It also requires everyone involved to be alert and aware of what is happening at the event, even if it isn’t their direct responsibility. There are steps you can take to help make your event more secure.

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How Personalised Lanyards Can Help Your Business

Lanyards are items which can be used for multiple different purposes. You can expect to see them at a variety of events, but they are arguably best suited to a businesses needs. Lanyards are great for promoting business products and services, and they are certainly a great choice for operational purposes within a business too. To see how your business can benefit from using lanyards internally, take a look at some of the tips below.


Differ Between Departments

Similarly to how a sports team would wear different kits to other teams, employees in a business could also do the same with lanyards. This works well because most businesses don’t usually have uniforms, so it allows for big teams to easily identify who is working in their team. This can also help promote team spirit amongst employees by making them feel as though they are together as one unit.


Event Staff

If your business is one that hosts regular events, then lanyards can be a simple & effective way to manage them during an event. This is most helpful for the attendees of the event, as it allows them to easily see which staff member is responsible for each section. You can brand the lanyards with your businesses logo and it can also say which area they are responsible for.


Employee Recognition

As well recognising employee performance by giving them an award, you can also give them a wearable lanyard to also make them feel special. Lanyards are a great choice for this as they are practical to be worn and give the employee a nice reminder that they are performing well.


Charity Support

If there is someone within your business who is trying to donate money for a good cause, then lanyards are a fantastic way to do this. This can be a great way for fellow employees to show their support as they can swap their current lanyard for the charity one. This is a good way to create a sense of togetherness within the team.

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