Recycling is an important practice in the modern day. Not only are you saving more resources when you recycle, but you also help to save nearly 80% of the energy that goes into making plastic bags and other products from new plastic. With 30 million tonnes of plastic waste produced each year, this recycling is becoming vital to help reduce the landfill space being used for such waste.

In fact, some people have taken to recycling plastic themselves and have created many wonderful products as a result. So, what does your recycled plastic turn into at the end of the recycling process? Other than a stylish wristband, of course.


1) Lighting


Have you ever seen a plastic bottle chandelier? For some households, the more recycled their decorations the better they are. This may not be mass produced (yet), but it is certainly one of the coolest things to be made of recycled plastic.


2) Rugs


Rugs are made of plastic? Yes and no. Don’t worry, you don’t have the exchange comfort in your pursuit of saving the planet. The underside of your rug, the bit that keeps everything all together, is usually a plastic mix which keeps the threads from coming loose. Meaning you can enjoy the same beautifully comfortable fabric rug, whilst also having a positive effect on the environment.


3) Tote Bags

Bags with slogans are becoming increasingly popular, with everyone from teen girls to businessmen enjoying their use. With many sporting the claim ‘100% recycled’, it’s only a matter of time before they can all hold this accolade.


4) Plastic Bags

Okay, so at first this may not sound as cool. But, with the current 5p charge per bag, this may help you to sleep better at night at the very least.


5) Toys

Here’s a thought: the plastic bottle you are currently drinking from will one day by a T-Rex. Children’s toys are becoming more and more creative, which means more plastic is being used to produce them. But, for the sake of sustainability many toy manufacturers are turning to recycled plastic to produce these fun products. Which means… Recycled Barbie coming to a store near you (maybe).


6) Furniture


The noble plastic garden chair is a wonder found in gardens up and down the UK. But, it is no longer the only source of plastic furniture in your life. With a famous Swedish furniture store introducing more plastic into the average home, it only makes sense that many of these products will incorporate some recycled plastic.


7) Jewellery

Earrings, rings and even a necklace. If you can wear it then you can also make it from plastic.


8) Shoes

Walk a mile in my recycled shoes. Not quite the same ring to it as the original, but


9) Grooming Products

The average person goes through four toothbrushes in a year. Several bottles of shampoo and conditioner. And countless other grooming and maintenance products. All of which come in some form of plastic wrapping or indeed are made of plastic; that’s an incredible amount per year!


10) Clothes

With many clothes having a polyester element to them it seems only prudent that the plastic used is recycled. Especially in children’s clothes, which very often only see a limited use before the child outgrows them.

So, if you were worried about where your silicone wristband goes next after it’s time on your wrist has worn its welcome, don’t worry! It may come back to you in its next life as a toothbrush.

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